AtomicBambi SK!N – Lana SK!N

If you loved AtomicBambi accessories, you are going to ADORE our new line of high quality, uber gorgeous, can’t-live-without-them SK!Ns 🙂

Kicking off with the Lana SK!N in 3 skin tones, and 5 make ups, our SK!N range is set to grow so watch this space! 🙂

Deeply detailed and photorealistic, I’ve finally put my RL skills in beauty photography and digital skin manipulation to use in SL 🙂
AtomicBambi SK!N is some of the most realistic and natural you’ll find in SL, and with 4 skins in each pack, and with freckles and lipgloss options, they are great value too! 🙂

Come and try the demos and get yourse’f some pretty!
Love Atomic

Hair Credits::.

Lana Sunblush – Hair: Zoe by Maitreya
Lana Tan – Girl Anachronism by TinyBird
Lana Pale – Cameron by


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