A note about AtomicBambi SK!N

Hey Bambinos,

I wanted to share a little bit about my background and how my skins are developed, since there is a certain degree of paranoia in the skin industry in SL (and legitmately so in most cases). I want my customers to be assured that AtomicBambi SK!N is created in a responsible, legitimate, and legal manner.

I’m a RL beauty and fashion photographer, and am a contributing writer on digital manipulation of skin for Photoshop Creative Magazine in the UK. I’m a photographer in SL too, so digital artistry and using Photoshop is second nature to me.

My friends had all been saying I should make skins in SL, and AtomicBambi SK!N was only released when I was satisfied that it was something I’d wear myself (and I’m pretty fussy about my skins).

AtomicBambi SK!N is made primarily using my own, fully model released images, to which I hold the copyright (with the exception of the freckles which are a modified version taken from the Eloh templates, and the soles of feet and genitals which I source from a stock library and hold extended licenses and rights to, and are also fully model released). Using photoshop tools and filters, I create the skins to the detail that I’m happy with.

I’m still new in the skin industry, and I hope to develop this skillset further in future.

Happy shopping!

❤ Atomic


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