For the Love of McQueen

I’m glad to be taking part in AVENUE’s “For the Love of McQueen” event, a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen, where 38 fashion designers have come together to lend their support in each creating a design that is inspired by McQueen’s work and spirit.

The AtomicBambi Hat – Madame Butterfly will be show cased with other designers creations at a spectacular fashion show on 28th February 2010 at 12 pm SLT on GOLden shopping sim,  after which my creation will be available for sale at my store for the month of March. 

100% of the sales proceeds will be donated to the charity,  Keep A Child Alive, since Alexander McQueen was a known supporter of similar AIDS / HIV charities.

–Show Date:  28 February, 2010 @ 12pm SLT


Keep a Child Alive is dedicated to providing life-saving anti-retroviral treatment, care and support services to children and families whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India by directly engaging the global public in the fight against AIDS.

For more information on how you can directly donate to Keep a Child Alive please contact Danielle Spitzer.


Watch the progression of donations received through this project:


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