Tattoo me Pretty

NEW cosmetic tattoos at AtomicBambi.  Teeth veneers in 4 variations on a tattoo layer, and sumptuous smokey eye eyeshadows in 5 subtle hues.

 And finally blush to make you blush in 3 styles:

You can also find various lipsticks/lip palettes, hair bases, and freckles on tattoo layers @ AtomicBambi.

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Teeth Veneers Poster:

Hair |  Backslash II – Magika

Skin |  Alice (Feline) – AtomicBambi

Tattoo | Teeth Veneers – AtomicBambi

Smokey Eye Poster:

Hair | Nadja (Kala Jeera) – Maitreya

Skin | Alice (Pure) – AtomicBambi

Tattoos | Smokey Eye – AtomicBambi

Blushers Poster:

Hair | Malibu (Champagne) – Exile

Skin | Alice (Pure) – AtomicBambi

Tattoos | Blushers – AtomicBambi


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