AVA SK!N – IN Store Now

AVA is the youthful and soft skin from VERVE (formerly AtomicBambi). 

In 3 skin tones, 2 hair colours, and 7 make ups – each pack includes 4 skins with the cleavage and hairbase options on the skin itself, plus shape, eyebrow shaper, and bonus lispticks and freckles on tattoo layers – giving you 16 different looks in each pack, and making AVA great value for money!

Included in the individual SK!N packs are:

4 skins – with cleavage options and hairbase options
1 freckles tattoo
1 bonus lipstick tattoo
Eyebrow Shaper

Included in the fatpacks are:

All 7 make up options (28 skins)
1 freckles tattoo
BONUS – 7 Lipstick Shades – on a tattoo layer
BONUS – 4 Teeth Veneers – on a tattoo layer
Eyebrow Shaper
TOTAL LOOKS – Over 500!


Light Hair Credits:

SKIN | AVA  GOLD Lt (Sunblush) – VERVE

HAIR | Stereo (Honeycomb Root) – lamb


Dark Hair Poster Credits:

SKIN | AVA  BLUSH Dk (Sunblush) – VERVE

HAIR | Honey (Kit Kat) – lamb

EYES | Allure (Envy) – VERVE


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