Tattoo me Pretty

NEW cosmetic tattoos at AtomicBambi.  Teeth veneers in 4 variations on a tattoo layer, and sumptuous smokey eye eyeshadows in 5 subtle hues.

 And finally blush to make you blush in 3 styles:

You can also find various lipsticks/lip palettes, hair bases, and freckles on tattoo layers @ AtomicBambi.

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Teeth Veneers Poster:

Hair |  Backslash II – Magika

Skin |  Alice (Feline) – AtomicBambi

Tattoo | Teeth Veneers – AtomicBambi

Smokey Eye Poster:

Hair | Nadja (Kala Jeera) – Maitreya

Skin | Alice (Pure) – AtomicBambi

Tattoos | Smokey Eye – AtomicBambi

Blushers Poster:

Hair | Malibu (Champagne) – Exile

Skin | Alice (Pure) – AtomicBambi

Tattoos | Blushers – AtomicBambi


AtomicBambi Cosmetic Tattoos

Introducing a newline of cosmetics by AtomicBambi…  Now you can have freckles, hairbases, and gorgeous lips to go with any skin you have!  Mix and match the tattoos (best complimenting AtomicBambi SK!N, but also work with many other popular skins too). Come and demo some instore today :0)