Skin Appliers for Catwa Jessica head now in store!


Verve Aggie Skin Appliers for Catwa Jessica Head in store now!


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A Royal Celebration!

As a Brit and Londoner, I can’t help get excited by the Royal Wedding today 🙂  So in celebration I’ve decorated the Reality sim in Union Jacks, and have set out a royal red item from each of my stores there for 50L this weekend!  

The Romaana Skin in RUBY from AtomicBambi, the Frost Dress in Ruby from SwanSong, and the Graphic Tee Aristocrat from EVOKE are all only 50L this weekend!!!

Visit REALITY SIM  for your Royal Celebration!

Skin | Romaana (Ruby) – ROYAL CELEBRATION 50L – AtomicBambi

Hair | Pompai (Walnut Whip) – Lelutka

Dress | Frost Dress (Ruby) – ROYAL CELEBRATION 50L – SwanSong

Jewellery | Jamida Earrings – Manadala